Trial Lesson

30 January 2017

19:00 – 20:00 (children)

20:00 – 21:15 (ADULTS)

Salle de gymnastique Gaston Diderich 31, Rue des Franciscaines – Belaire Luxembourg –

Free Trial lesson for beginners

Hwa Rang Do is an 1800 years old Korean Martial and Healing Arts system.  Its theory is based on the Um-Yang principle which states that all things nature possess equal opposites and the state of balance of these opposing forces creates Harmony in one’s life.  It is the most comprehensive martial arts system in the world today.  It is a balance of both soft/circular principles and hard/linear principles of movement in four divisions.

Nae Gongng

Developing internal energy, Ki Power, through meditation and breathing exercises.


Wae Gong

Development of External Powers through the practice of over 4,000 self-defense techniques, 365 kicking combination in both hard/linear and soft/circular movements.  The achievement of complete physical control.

Shin Gongsg

Development of Mental Concentration and Alertness through disciplined regiment, enhancing better focus.  Also, the study of philosophy of martial way in order to apply its principles to everyday life.


mggMoo Gi Gong

Development of mastery of external objects.  There are over 108 different weapons found in Hwa Rang Do.