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Staff of Instructors


The Staff consists of a team of highly motivated and dedicated students who believe in the Spirit of excellence, which can be achieved through the practice of Hwa Rang Do®. They are regularly taught by Grand Master Lee in improving their skills as teachers.


Giuseppe Morelli

• President of HRD & TSD Luxembourg a.s.b.l.

• Head Instructor – Team Kwan Chang Member


I work in the banking service industry, where I have responsibilities as Executive Director, managing the entire connectivity services offered by our group to our clients. In my day-to-day operations, I manage and lead several teams located throughout Europe and the United States.  I am constantly challenged in situations which require sharp negotiation skills, presence of mind and a ‘whole-brain’ / goal-oriented attitude.

I started practicing Tae Soo Do® in January 2014, in Luxembourg. The study of this art requires great levels of discipline, focus, commitment and resilience. Since I started my practice, my life has changed in many ways. I feel more self-confident, committed and determined in all I do. I feel that my ability to ‘read’ the situation and apply the appropriate response has improved greatly.

" Mindfulness cannot be a sporadic exercise, but it is a way of living."

—  From our Grandmaster Taejoon Lee


After almost four years of practice I obtained the Tae Soo Do® black belt in June 2017 and I have embraced the challenges of teaching this beautiful art. Teaching gives me the unique opportunity of transforming the students’ lives, while at the same time it pushes me to always improve.

Roberto Cesca

• Vice-President, Program & Social Activities Director of HRD & TSD Luxembourg a.s.b.l

• Head Instructor - Teuk Gong Team Member


I am working in the financial services industry within the risk management department. In my role, I am required to have an adequate level of organization, ability to effectively analyze data, and at the same time possess a good set of soft skills to manage projects and initiatives carried out by several departments worldwide.

I started the Tae Soo Do® program in November 2015, inspired by its broad curriculum and traditional values and I am currently an Assistant Instructor for the Hwa Rang Do® & Tae Soo Do® Club Luxembourg. The practice of Hwa Rang Do® has changed my life and among the many benefits there is one that never stops surprising me. While in the past I have always been afraid of discovering my limits, now I see them as an opportunity to grow. Everything that seemed impossible before has now become a goal that can be achieved through commitment, persistence, and hard work. Through Hwa Rang Do® I was able to change my perception of the way I see myself, to believe that I have the power within me by the grace of God to face and overcome any challenges that life brings.


I hope that through my support of the club by teaching Tae Soo Do®, I could transfer this perspective and all the energy that the training gives to empower other people. Hwa Rang Do® is a big family that I love to be part of and I would recommend it to everyone, as evidenced by my wife training with me, who is also an Assistant Instructor, Sabina de Paris.

Sabina de Paris

• Secretary & Treasurer of HRD & TSD Luxembourg a.s.b.l

• Assistant Instructor - Teuk Gong Team Member


As a qualified actuary, I am working in the risk management department for a company providing insurance services. My activities concern measuring and modeling insurance data as well as creating business relationships with several stakeholders. Being organized, goal oriented and able to deal effectively with challenges are crucial skills in my position everyday.


The most significant improvement was in my self-confidence, which was one of my biggest challenges. I have always been shy and insecure, afraid of making mistakes, and I didn't enjoy recognition of my positive achievements. Thanks to the practice of Hwa Rang Do®, I became more aware of my potentials and most importantly, developed strong determination in the things I want to accomplish in my life.


I am currently an Assistant Instructor for the Hwa Rang Do® & Tae Soo Do® Club Luxembourg and for me teaching has been an amazing experience as well as being a great challenge: it is a way for me to help other people, influencing positively their lives with the values of Hwa Rang Do®. I am truly honored to be a part of the Teuk Gong Team (Special Team of Instructors) and to be entrusted with the responsibility of furthering my fellow students in the ways of the Flowering Knights (Hwa Rang Do).

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