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Open Seminars


Starting with an amazing Opportunity to train and learn directly with the Hwa Rang Do®Founder and Supreme Grandmaster Dojoonim Dr Joo Bang Lee and his heir Grandmaster Taejoon Lee at the Open Seminars from Saturday,  July 1st, 2023 through the week until Saturday, July 8th, 2023. The Seminars are open to the General public!

Dr. Joo Bang Lee is the Chairman of the World Hwa Rang Do® Association (WHRDA, a Non-Profit Humanitarian Organization, which oversees all the Hwa Rang Do® / Tae Soo Do® students, instructors, and schools across the globe) and is the “Dojoo” (Owner of the Art). There is only one 10th Dan Black Sash in each generation who is given the title of “Dojoonim”. Dr. Lee is the 58th generation holder of the title as the keeper of the knowledge of the Ancient Hwarang Knights.

He is recognized as the Founder of Hwa Rang Do® as a modern martial art as he was the first to systemize the martial skills of the Ancient Hwarang Knights as a modern martial art system for the first time in Korean History, officially registering it in the Republic of Korea in 1960. He currently resides at the WHRDA World Headquarters in Tustin, California USA.

Grand Master Taejoon Lee is a 8th Dan Black Sash in Hwa Rang Do®, 59th heir of the Hwarang generation and the eldest son of the Founder, Dr. Joo Bang Lee.
With more than 45 year’s experience as a teacher, his ability and wisdom to cultivate and mentor true leaders is unparalleled.

We are most fortunate to have him here in Luxembourg to develop one of the most eclectic and comprehensive martial arts centers in Europe if not the World.

The weeklong training conference is a precious opportunity to learn directly from the source of our art, Founder Dr. Joo Bang Lee and his eldest son & heir Grandmaster Taejoon Lee.  While specific training topics for the sessions are still being considered, everyone will be sure to get to experience all aspects of the complete training system that is Hwa Rang Do.  There is always something for everyone - kick/punch striking, grappling/submissions, weapon fighting, plus high-level details related to belt level curriculum. Training from dawn to dusk every day for a week is certainly an eye-opening experience, especially when you are joined with other students and instructors from around the globe.


  • Pre-Registration (Register from May 1 through June 29, 2023): $45

  • On-Site Registration (After June 29th): $50






***DOWNLOAD A PDF List of All Seminar Sessions, Times, and Price Packages Here*** -->>> upload this link that people can download the pdf:
(Yellow boxes are for Public! )

HOW TO DO THE REGISTRATION FOR PUBLIC - 63rd World Hwa Rang Do Annual Event – Seminars

***All Seminar Sessions, Times, and Price Packages are in the PDF shown before (Yellow boxes are for Public!. They will be paid at the door full price 50 EUR Each***

63rd World Hwa Rang Do Annual Event – Full event schedule

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