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Non-Profit Association

Hwa Rang Do® is a humanitarian Non-Profit Association with the ultimate goal to serve and better humanity by bringing the gift of self-empowerment to those with the greatest needs, both locally and internationally.


Instead of following the trend of combat sports and commercial endeavours, Hwa Rang Do® has kept the spirit of its ancient ancestors, the Hwarang Knights, pure and alive through out the centuries. The Hwarang lived and acted in accordance with noble values like justice, courage and loyalty, and they were ready to sacrifice their own lives for their beliefs.

With our teachings, we help each person to develop character and become an honorable leader with a strong sense of social justice, in harmony with one’s own self and the universe.


Our education doesn’t focus on martial techniques only, but martial art is a means with additional teachings to provide all the elements to ensure a complete personal growth through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development.

“We want our members to live in a way that their actions meet their intentions. Too many people live a life with good intentions, but don’t have the discipline to take action and see things through.”


Grand Master Taejoon Lee, 8th Dan of Hwa Rang Do®

Hwa Rang Do® is involved in many humanitarian projects that include:


• Fundraising for organizations like Saint Jude Children’s Hospital, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Juvenile Diabetes Association

• International humanitarian missions like the Angola project for the children of Lixeira

• Martial art training scolarships for children or adults that can’t afford enrolling to our schools (at-risk inner city youth, low income individuals and returning military veterans)

• Development of a professional instructor program to support committed students in reaching a successful career in the martial art field and spread our teachings

With your help we can multiply our efforts and increase our social involvment in new projects!


Join and support our Hwarang Knights to empower lives and serve society!


Please use the following button for donations of any amount towards our 501c3 Hwa Rang Do® Association. For donations of 50$ or higher you will receive a Hwa Rang Do T-Shirt.

Thanks for your trust and support!

Much love and God bless you!


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