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Hwa Rang Do® is one of the most comprehensive martial arts systems, which possesses over 4000 techniques to effectively defend against all forms of physical assault.  Within our classes we have special training sessions to deal with common forms of assault with practical, effective means to defend and escape.  Not only does training in Hwa Rang Do® provide an excellent means of sustaining overall physical health and fitness with stimulating new challenges, but it will also offer a potential means of saving your life or the lives of your loved ones.


Executive Self Defense Program – We can also create special programs for special groups to fulfill the needs of the organization or company.  It is one of the most enjoyable and challenging ways of relieving stress while learning life saving skills.  Furthermore, the sense of confidence and discipline gained from the training will undoubtedly increase their work performance, allowing the participant to better deal with the rigors and stresses of daily work.

Law Enforcement & Military

Hwa Rang Do® has had an enormous contribution to the development of modern military combatives of the elite U.S. military units through the efforts of Dr. Joo Bang Lee’s student, the late Michael D. Echanis, who was the Senior Instructor and Advisor to the USA John F. Kennedy Center of Military Assistance Hand to Hand Combat/Special Weapons School for Instructors. Six courses were presented titled “Hwarangdo Hand to Hand and Special Weapons Program” in 1976 from which many other programs were adopted.


Due the comprehensiveness and the multifaceted nature of Hwa Rang Do® and our experience of over 50 years of training military and law enforcement agencies both in the United States, South Korea, and Central/South America, we are able to create and instruct any specialized combatives for all levels of escalation of force from law enforcement, personal security to military, special-op applications.


Mentoring for Success  

We consider ourselves not only a school of martial art skills, but also a school of leadership through the discipline, tradition, and philosophy of time-proven method practiced and trained by the ancient Hwarang Knights, the Conquerors and Unifiers of Korea.


Grandmaster Taejoon Lee has mentored many professionals in various fields of endeavor, transforming their lives by empowering them through the discovery and understanding of foundational truths.  In order to improve our lives and ourselves, we don’t actually need to change one thing at a time, situation-to-situation or detail-by-detail. Like a tree, instead of touching every leaf, every branch and every flower, we work directly on the root, our subconscious, ensuring the empowerment of the whole being at once.

We don’t motivate, we inspire. Motivation is connected to external drives like success, money and power. Inspiration instead comes from within and it is led by higher values. Through our teachings we give the possibility to become aware of the difference in order to pursue meaningful targets in life.

Our approach and aim of martial training is that it is only a means to maximize the human potential.  We live and lead by example, being always aware, responsible and accountable of what we do and how we do it. And, in so doing we are able to create the most effective leaders who inspire others by their actions and achievements.

Community Service

The World Hwa Rang Do Association as Humanitarian Organization as well as the Luxembourg Club being an a.s.b.l., we are constantly seeking ways to participate in bettering our society by partnering with other like-minded a.s.b.l. Non-profit organizations to develop, assist, and further programs, which can enhance our community.


  • Free Self Defense Classes: As a community service, we offer Free Self Defense courses to the general public.  We cover all areas of how to deal with a physical threat from Prevention through Awareness, Verbal Skills, Physical Posturing, then when all else fails and must engage in defending yourself, we teach all areas of self defense against all forms of violent attack both empty-handed and with weapons.

  • Bully Prevention for Kids: We also teach Bully Prevention for children to effectively learn how to avoid being bullied as well as effective techniques to protect and defend oneself from a physical attack.

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